Seeing the humor in just about everything in life is perhaps what I find the most important ingredient to success in work and life.  I build businesses, I work hard, I move fast, and I thrive on entrepreneurship. 


I’ve been fortunate to have created a life that fuses my absolute passion for travel with the amazing blessing of motherhood. Single motherhood that is, and that’s no joke.  Every day is a roller coaster but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s been a wild ride, I’m nearly 100 countries visited and counting and that’s been the most vibrant source of education in my life. One of the things I love most is to share those stories and lessons and I’m glad you’re here with me for that. 

My greatest passions at the moment are the opportunities to make people’s dreams come true by creating authentic, immersive travel experiences at Explorateur Journeys  and, because I’ve always traveled fast, I recently developed the 48 Hour Power Jaunt which is the trip of a lifetime in a city around the world in just 2 days, ideal for the time-challenged, Type-A’ers out there. Not that I would know anything about that =)

Create, and then live the life you love the fullest. Embrace the bumps and twists in the road because there truly is a lesson in everything.

I love to laugh. Travel. Binge watch a TV series.  Eat. Surprise people. Volunteer.

I can’t live without my daughter. Friends. Good food. James Bond movies. Whipped cream.  Peanut butter.