When things get rough and there are two roads to take, for some reason I always opt for the more difficult one.  I have no idea why. The complicated and the extremely complex intrigue me.   I like a challenge, I enjoy breaking things down and figuring them out and sometimes, it’s more of an obstacle than I’m sure I can take on at that moment.  Today’s Everest happens to be my first half marathon. 13.1 or bust.

It began at 3:45 AM local time in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I woke up cranky for various reasons and couldn’t go back to sleep so I headed down to the hotel gym.  It was so early that the lights weren’t on and no matter how hard I tried with my phone flashlight, I couldn’t find the master switches so I just lost my patience and hopped on a treadmill. Let me preface this by saying I’m not a runner. I’ve never been.  I run if I’m being chased, I run once in a while if I want to mix it up at the gym but it’s not a thing for me. I was the worst “IT” when playing Tag.   I am a walker, a hiker, a climber, a biker, a strength trainerand that’s where it stands.  Running, and races in general have always spooked me a bit and for that reason I’ve always focused on other areas of fitness.

So, there I was, even crankier at that point when I noticed my Apple watch was going to die any minute but I was armed with a fierce mix on my phone and the peace of the absolute darkness. I started to run, bad mood and all which I am sure was fueling me double-time.   And I ran.  I thought about things that were bugging me and I melted into the beats in my ears and before I knew it, 5 miles had passed. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I did that in one shot. When I looked down, something strange came over me and though I was tired, I didn’t want to stop so I continued.  It was a feeling I wasn’t used to but I wanted more of it.

By the time I was nearly finished, a trainer had come down and turned on the lights, after I apparently scared the hell out of him and I wound it down.  6 miles and change. Not a big deal for so many, but a massive deal for me who doesn’t runregularly and I decided at that moment I was going to do yet another thing that freaks me out. Run a race. A half marathon sounded good.

Yes, I said it sounded good at the time and as of yesterday, I’m officially on. March 18, 2018, just two days after my 43rd birthday, I will be embarking on this journey. I have a ton to do, a lot to learn and the curiosity of how it will all turn out is driving every single part of me, mentally and physically.

The point of it all is that a life lived without challenges is not the fullest possible life, at least not for me. Digging deep, experiencing exhilarating moments and also the most ridiculous disappointments, knowing love, laughing until you cry, challenging your body and mind and always embarking on journeys that inspire and scare you are what makes it all worth it.  So, this is my next mountain to climb.  There’s no turning back. What are you going to commit to that will shake your world?