“Just keep it moving”.  If you know me well, or even if we’re just in the same orbit, chances are you’ve heard me (or overheard me) saying this at some point. I actually say it a lot, all the time truthfully because it is one sentence that helps me through just about anything.  And, lately, I’ve been repeating it more than ever.

Motion is everything. What I mean by that is action, purpose, steps, intention, pursuit, thought, and about a million other things that your mind and body can control versus being stagnant, stuck or paralyzed. Often times, things are thrown at us that we feel we cannot control. A work problem occurs and gets bigger as the day or week goes on, a relationship falls off track, someone says something that makes you upset, you lose something and the list goes on.  There are so many things that just occur and that, my friends, is just called life.  But, what we do about it is completely within our control and the best way, the ONLY way through it is to continue to move.  Forward is best, sideways is ok, but backwards is never an option. Move, even if you’re in place and not going forward, just don’t go backward.

This can be physical motion which I always recommend, but mental motion is key when you feel like you’re about to step into a gigantic pile of steaming goo that’s going to glom on to your shoes and never let you go.  When a situation upsets you- say it’s work, say you lose a client or lose your job, it’s shit. It kills. You get angry and that’s normal but getting stagnant just isn’t an option.  It’s a time to think about what you really want, how you want to pursue it and then what you’re going to do to get there. Motion here is critical when these things occur. It kills like hell but moving in any way but backwards will just never, ever propel you forward. Instead of letting the darkness prevail, understand it’s a time to consider what you’re really looking for, what type of work makes you happy, a new path perhaps that you can discover and then focus on working on that. Motion such as writing, research, networking, even when you feel it’s not yielding immediate results, is still working for you in a bigger (just slower) way.  It’s not a time to sink down, it’s a time to step up. I know it’s a lot easier to say than to do but I’ve been there so I can say it with some authority. Motion is key. 

When someone or something upsets you, it’s the best time to tune into yourself, take stock and think about one thing- just one thing that you can to do make yourself feel just a little bit better. Write a letter that you never intend to send, yell, cry, call me =), vent to a friend, dress up, get yourself together for at least 10 minutes per day, sit in bed and binge watch a show- anything to keep your mind active as it needs to be while opening up the space to sit back and learn more about the WHAT because we never really understand the WHY. The point is, don’t bottle it- do SOMETHING, and not NOTHING.  Take a little step each day to shift your head out of the space even if it’s just for a few minutes. That motion will build critical mass and sooner than later, you’ll start to see your way upward. 

Life delivers a lot that we cannot choose, but remember, you always can choose to do nothing, or something..I’ll always go for the something.