I'm training for my second half marathon which happens this Saturday and the only way to get through it is to binge watch TV series on my treadmill.

So, being the biggest Karate Kid fan ever, I delighted in the fact that they just launched a reboot decades later called Cobra Kai, which is sort of like the whole story told from villain Johnny Lawrence's perspective.

He was a jerk in the movie and still is a jerk, but there's a realness about him and a vulnerability and he said today that "In the real world, people don't do what you expect them to do"

I paused and thought about that because especially this week, that has never rang  more true. At age 43, I have never been more dumbfounded by human behavior at a business level and I have to remind myself, and those around me all the time that we are only in control of ourselves. Nobody else. How we handle things and how we react to things are entirely ours- so do the right thing, keep cool and keep being YOU.