I'm writing this in the middle of international transit, where I'm waiting on the last flight leg of a very long journey.  Here I sit, in a café where I should be working but instead, I am doing what I usually do...people watching.

Next to me sits a young couple.  Now, I've been here for over an hour and so have they. Not one word apart from when they got settled and sat down. Not one real lifting of their heads or eyes, both of which are pointed downward toward the table where their phones are, in their hands. Barely a look up, let alone at each other and zero conversation.  Now, even if they're in a fight, or they've been traveling together for hours and perhaps need a little solitude, it just still doesn't seem right.

I see this continuously when I'm out to eat and it upsets me.  I don't have a ton of spare time, so the people I choose to invest my time in mean a lot to me and I can't imagine spending those precious moments not engaging in a conversation. Not finding a laugh. Not discussing what we're eating, or our days, or our lives... I eat with my daughter way more than any other friend or family member and I treasure those times where we can laugh, share stories, hear about each other's days and so on. When I am out with my friends, we want to pay attention to one another, that's the whole reason we're out.

Time is precious, minutes fleet by and before we know it, it's gone so don't waste what could be connection time on screen time.  You've got other minutes and hours to do that...