I did an interview with one of my favorite clients yesterday who owns a luxury tour company in Italy. What I love most about this organization is that they are constantly thinking out of the box and striving each day to be better than they were the day before.  He was recounting a story about a recent experience he created for a very affluent, discerning family who were traveling with their children who wanted a sort of medieval royal experience which included a stay at a lavish castle, and he said something so poignant that struck me to the core. 


Let that marinate for a minute.  This exquisite private experience was not going to suffice, the children needed more so they delivered more. They brought in actors to play princes & princesses, they staged old world events, they did storytime, a treasure hunt, and a food experience for the adults that blew everyone away.

They could have stopped at just the castle stay but instead went overboard to ensure these people, who were difficult to impress, were gobsmacked.

This is my message to you. Overdelivering is never wrong. It's never bad, even if you rarely get it in return. Especially in business...be the brand, the person or the company that gives more than expected, with a smile. Be the friend that calls the other friend who rarely initiates the phone call. Text the person who you never hear from and be there, even if they're not always there for you when you need them.  They will be- everyone's got something going on and we just need to work with people's cycles of life. In work though, there's always room to keep growing and delivering more than you promise. This is what makes you great. This is what makes you BEST.  Keep doing it.