I always say that the best time to prospect for new clients is when times are GOOD.  And, the best time to get things done and make sh*t happen is when the rest of the world is sleeping. Example:

Yesterday was a holiday. 4th of July albeit in that awkward midweek spot was a bit of a respite but is there ever really such a thing for an entrepreneur? I've been back and forth with a client that is 9 hours ahead for a while now and when he asked me for a call yesterday at 4:30 AM my time, I didn't hesitate even though it was a "day off" and we had a great call which led to another early call this morning telling me we had won the bid. 

They liked what we had to offer in the proposal, of course, but they were happier to see that there was no NO, no inflexibility, a very agreeable attitude and that seemed to close the deal for them.  That was just simply a time zone issue that I had to accommodate if I wanted to win and honestly it was a 15 minute call. I just went back to sleep afterwards and enjoyed the hell out of my day with my daughter and friends. 

So, be the one that does what nobody else does- go the extra mile especially during times where others aren't. Go forward and have a GREAT week.