OK, it's actually really not complicated.  I have a lot going on and people ask me all the time how things happen but the truth is they don't just HAPPEN. I have to work for them and I'm going to break it down to very core elements. You may think I'm oversimplifying it but I'm not.  It all goes back to basics, it's rather just all about how you apply them.


Think about it. Half of the things I am able to do is because I keep my cool.  It takes no effort to smile and you never know who's going to be uplifted  just by that simple action. I get good service at the restaurants and stores I like because I smile and am friendly instead of acting entitled. I get help from an amazing network of people when I need it because I am constantly offering myself up to them on a regular basis and I give without expecting...and so do they.  A plane delay happens and I smile rather than berate a gate agent that has zero control over the situation but has complete control over who she decides to help get me on another flight so I can get home to my kid. Think about this next time you're walking around a store aimlessly lost in your own head and you want to snap at someone who's slow in front of you at a register. Offer to help instead of getting aggravated and lashing out- it will make them move faster =) and apply this to a whole host of other things in life. You'll see what happens.


I battle constantly with my weight.  I cannot do things many others can do when it comes to fitness but I keep myself as in-check as I can because I live on a ridiculously restricted diet 90% of the time and I force myself to work out. It doesn't come easy. I am a true size 10 and will likely never go any lower. I am about 145 lbs and that won't change either but I do the best I can with what I have and I give it 120%. Same in business. I may be inclined to be an entrepreneur and I have good instincts but none of what I have would have ever happened if I was not constantly working like a fiend, keeping myself in the hotseat and pushing nonstop day in and day out. That's what it takes, it doesn't get handed to you.  Simple as that.


Do you know how many things you miss out on when you don't just ask simple questions?  How do I get upgraded at hotels? I just ASK...  How do I snag tickets to a hot show?  I just ASK and go further than accepting a sold out sign.  You get what I'm saying - the basics are that so many people are afraid to ask. What is the worst that can happen? It's a no? Big many no's do we get a day, is that really going to break you? No- better to know than never to have asked and when you combine the ask with the being nice part, that's golden.