FIND THE VOID.  I’m not much into new year mantras but if I had one, that would be it but really, I’ve been saying it for years.  When you want to start up your own thing, which truly is the best thing in the world, it becomes easier when you really look around and discover what people AREN’T doing.  What DOESN’T yet exist that you can create? Or, what DOES exist that you can do so much better?  I find that what holds people back sometimes is the fear of being one of many and honestly, that’s valid. How do you stand out when you’re in a pack?  You dominate with something that the market is missing, that’s how.  Everyone goes right? You go left. Everyone delivers a similar service? You rock that shit differently, more creatively and with the customer experience in mind.  What is it that you can do to sway the wind your way that nobody else in the sphere has even thought of. It can be as simple as an added value on top of a product or a service.  Or a special emotionally-charged touch such as a handwritten note or thoughtful gift for a customer just to thank them for their business. Or, it could even be shifting your hours that you’re open a bit further to better accommodate customer demand. 

Think about things that make your life easier, or that would be wonderful if you could just find them? What would it be- flex hours, would it be the fact that someone was thinking about you and appreciative of your business or something else? Think about it, write it down. And figure out a way how to tie that thought or emotion into your own business.